In this article, you’ll learn…

  • Why it’s important to update your marketing strategy this holiday season
  • How to attract mobile-connected users
  • Ten ways to reinvent your marketing strategy for the holidays

holiday-marketing-strategyEvery year, it seems as though the holidays begin a little earlier. For online marketers, that means getting a head start on your marketing strategy even earlier simply to remain competitive. While shoppers have begun to rely increasingly on online shopping in the past, this year will be the biggest ever. With such rampant growth in online shopping this holiday season, the number of ways your business has to reach consumers has increased significantly.

1. Review Previous Data

More opportunities may exist this year, but how do you know which of these will yield the best results for your brand? The only way to be certain is to analyze your results from the previous year. If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably on a budget and need to make the most of the marketing strategies you choose this year. By understanding what worked and what did not work last year, you can put your marketing dollars where they will count the most. Google Analytics data is incredibly valuable by uncovering which channels are responsible for most of your sales, even revealing how your customers find you.

2. Merry Mobile Marketing

IBM reports that half of all traffic to retail websites takes place on mobile devices. As the attention spans of consumers grow increasingly shorter, it is imperative that you provide your visitors with the very best experience possible. Failure to adapt to the growing mobile revolution could result in a loss of visitors and sales. Should a visitor land on your site only to find it poorly optimized, you can be assured that they will leave. Even worse, they will most likely visit the competition. If you have not already done so,  now is the time to make sure that your website has a responsive design that will adjust automatically to fit screen sizes for all devices. Along with planning for a responsive design, it’s also a must to make sure that the images you use are mobile friendly, and they have alt tags that improve SEO.

3. Seasonally Social

Targeting social media as part of your online marketing strategy is always a good idea, hence it becomes even more important during the holidays. The key to succeeding with social media marketing during the holiday season is to keep your branding consistent while publishing share-worthy content. Remember that consumers are often pressed for time during the holidays, so keep your content bite-sized and easily digestible. When using multiple social media channels, plan ahead to ensure that all social media marketing promotions are integrated across all platforms and channels.

4. Shareable Holiday Tips and Project Ideas

Everyone is looking for fresh ideas during the holidays. A blog presents the perfect opportunity to provide the valuable content your visitors seek while also improving your brand’s online exposure. Focus on using popular holiday terms that consumers are likely to search for, such as Christmas decorating, gift ideas, holiday decorating, etc. Focus your content to your brand’s niche or industry. Not only will your visitors appreciate the tips, but they will also be more likely to remember your brand and make a purchase. To get the most from your content, use numbered lists or bullets, include images, and keep it short.

5. Look to Alternative Marketing Channels

Facebook and Twitter may be the two most popular social media platforms, but they are certainly not the only options. Be willing to explore options, including Instagram, for your holiday marketing campaign this year. The highly visual nature of Instagram makes it ideal for rolling out creative content to catch the attention of consumers.

6. Make Use of Holiday Hashtags

The power of hashtags is well established, and there is no better time to make use of them to reach consumers searching for holiday gifts and products. Consider using such hashtags as #giftideas, #stockingstuffers, or #lastminuteideas to expand your brand’s online exposure during the holiday season.

7. Helps Consumers Make Informed Buying Decisions at the Point of Purchase

Studies show that 70 percent of consumers seek opinions prior to making a purchase. Providing the information consumers need to make well-informed buying decisions via product reviews and ratings can help to keep your customers focused on your brand rather than searching for the competition.

8. Provide Your Business Address and Directions

If you operate a brick and mortar storefront, be sure to provide the correct address on your website so that your customers can find you easily. It’s also a good idea to include a Google map, giving customers the opportunity to generate their own directions from their location. You might also consider implementing a click-to-call feature so that consumers won’t have to leave your website and can quickly contact you with questions about your products or business.

9. Updated Seasonal Hours

Does your business change its opening and closing hours during the holidays? If so, make sure that you provide updated information on your website. Be sure to also include your page on Google+ so that users will easily see whether your store is open or closed.

10. Offer Live Support to Consumers

During the holidays, customers are likely to require more assistance than any other time during the year. Make sure that your website has a live chat process in place to provide the customer support your visitors need. Not only are consumers more likely to make a purchase when help is offered via live chat, but this process can also help to prevent hassles during the checkout process that might result in shopping cart abandonment and lost sales.

Customizing your digital marketing strategy to meet the demands of consumers in a growing mobile marketplace can help your brand to come out ahead this holiday season.