Generate more website traffic and grow your online communityWebsite traffic isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but if you’re an online entrepreneur, considering how to get more quality prospects to visit your site is an essential piece of doing business.

That said, pleasing the Website Traffic Gods can seem like a mystifying and complicated endeavor.


Should I invest in expensive SEO optimization?

Should I try using Facebook Ads?

Should I just ignore this element of online business and focus on the aspects of my biz I like better?…

Questions like these plague our entrepreneurial minds and leave us feeling like there’s a “right way” and a “wrong way” to go about it.

Well, today I want to cover 7 feel-good, organic ways to get more quality traffic to your website and grow your online community. Hopefully they will inspire you and get you excited about this ho-hum topic, since the tips I’m sharing are ones that I’ve personally used to grow my online community 28-fold in just 2 years. So, I know that they work!

  1. Guest post on blogs & websites that your ideal clients read, frequent, and enjoy. Remember: in your author bio or byline invite readers back to your website to join your community.
  2. Include an email opt-in on your homepage above the fold. Invite new visitors to join your “mission” and become a part of what you’re doing online.
  3. Offer a freebie as a thank you for signing up for your list like an e-book, video teaching, tip sheet, or report. This will entice people to sign-up and also serve as a filter because only visitors that are the right fit for your business will want the freebie you’re offering. (For example: I teach biz+marketing to yogic entrepreneurs, so my freebie is the Yoga Biz Essentials e-book.)
  4. Introduce yourself to fellow small biz owners, entrepreneurs, potential customers, etc. You have to get comfortable putting yourself out there and being the mouthpiece of your brand if you want to establish a foothold online. Some of the very best biz-building opportunities that I’ve enjoyed have come to me thanks to a friendly email introduction.
  5. Pitch yourself to speak & be interviewed in your area of expertise. Contact blogs, websites, online shows, speaker series, podcasts and live events that your (potential) customers watch, read, enjoy or attend. Being seen as an expert in your field is vital!
  6. Start a weekly or monthly show or podcast that shares valuable information that will excite and educate your target market.
  7. Always show your current community love and appreciation, and they’ll become brand ambassadors for you. Send personal emails, respond to them on Facebook & Twitter, mail them a little gift or card, answer their questions on your blog, go out of your way to make them feel special & they’ll spread the word about your biz for you!