Clarity of Impact for Entrepreneurs. Knowing why your customers buy your products and why they buy from you is crucial to understanding your impact, which is the precursor for your marketing and advertising strategy.

No one wakes up one morning and jumps out of bed, excited beyond belief because out of the blue they decided they wanted to buy a drill, and today was the day!  There is no reason to randomly want nor need a drill. But a hole — THAT is a completely different story. There are many reasons to want a hole. It could be for wiring a new piece of electronic equipment through the walls, or hanging a picture using an anchor, or putting together a piece of furniture. The need for a hole is the reason to get excited about buying a drill.

What Gets People Delighted About Your Product or Service?

Do you know?

Here is where clarity of impact for entrepreneurs meets depth of understanding. Here is also where many entrepreneurs miss the proverbial boat. I have a client who designs jewelry. Initially her website was a beautiful showcase of pieces with descriptions of each piece and an emphasis on the quality, unique craftsmanship and customer service. But is that why people decide to buy a piece of jewelry?

Randomly search through websites and even old fashioned flyers and what do you see most often?

Let’s go back to our drill. Most likely on a tool website you’d see a list of the drill attributes:

  • Fast
  • High Powered
  • Light Weight
  • Long Lasting Battery

But remember, people don’t want a drill, they want a hole . And they want a good hole that’s simple to create.

What would it be like for a potential customer to read instead:

Best Holes Ever! Clean edges. Super fast drilling. Perfect holes every time!

Hang your pictures, shelves and more like a pro. 

Never make a drilling mistake again with our instruction guide .

This drill makes simple, professional holes!


Customers Buy Holes

 Clarity of impact for entrepreneurs is about knowing what business you are REALLY in.

My jewelry designer friend is indeed an artist and a craftsperson. Yet to market and sell her art she must appeal to the reason people buy jewelry, not just the details and attributes of the piece.  Love. Beauty. Status. Appreciation. The business she is in is NOT the jewelry business. She is in the business of helping people communicate their feelings for another. She is in the business of inspiring people to accessorize as they dress to portray their passion or interests. She is in the business of making people smile when they look in the mirror.

This is why old Kodak commercials never talked about cameras or film. Instead they shared “Kodak Moments”. Pepsi advertising never listed the ingredients of the beverage. They focused on the “Pepsi Smile”.

For clarity of impact for entrepreneurs you must dig deep into your marketing avatar and into the impact of your product or service so that you know intimately and can communicate with clarity, what it is you REALLY offer. How does your product or service REALLY impact your customer?

Your customer does not care about attributes and details until after they feel you are speaking directly to them and their problem or desire. Customers want a solution to discomfort, confusion, frustration. Customers want to be cared about and understood. They want to know why and how your product or service will serve them. Once they feel connected in that way, then they will look at your details.

Taking the time to appreciate and discern the impact of a product or service will be money in the bank over the long term. Understanding clarity of impact for entrepreneurs is often overlooked in marketing and business plans. It’s a simple and powerful focus shift that will set you apart from your competition.