how to create systems that will save loads of time in your business

The one thing people say very often when they’re running their own business is “there’s not enough time.”

We don’t disagree. The amount of plates you need to spin in order to keep your business running successfully requires a hell of a lot of work. Not to mention, the daily tasks, admin, and marketing you need to do to keep growing. It can get very overwhelming.

Usually, people who say “I don’t have time to do this” just stop and can’t get past the wall in front of them. But there’s actually a simple solution: utilise systems.

Sounds complicated, right? Like something the manager of a company would talk about in a big team meeting. Everyone would nod in agreement, whilst secretly thinking about what they’re going to get for their lunch as a treat.

But systems aren’t just for the big businesses and highly paid managers. They’re for you, too, as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Systems can help you automate, outsource, scale and ultimately save more time.

So that’s what we’re going to cover right now – the systems you can utilise to be more productive, save money and keep growing your online presence. I’m going to go through three main systems. Even if you don’t think one of them applies to you, I bet they’ll spark some inspiration and give you some ideas. It’s the simple tweaks that make the biggest difference.

Communication with Clients

As your business grows, you won’t want to do it all alone. You’ll want to start reaching out to different freelancers who can help you with different tasks. But what happens if they don’t have an automated way to follow up with you? (Which a lot of people don’t). If you’d taken longer than normal to reply to someone’s first email or never followed through with scheduling a Skype call, then the relationship wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

When clients and potential clients are one of the main focal points of your business, the pressure should never be on them to keep the conversation going. If it is, it’s likely that you could be losing out on quite a lot of work, because those potential clients will be contacting other people to see what they can offer. If you don’t follow up quick enough, the potential client will never become a client.

So why not set up an automated (but personal and relatable) message. After 48 hours, remind people that they haven’t scheduled this thing with you and tell them why your services could be so beneficial. That’s one way to greatly increase your chances of getting more business and is something really easy to set up with your email service provider.

But it’s not just about automating communication at the start. There are so many tools out there to help you automate your workflow, so they’re always up to speed with everything, from deadlines to briefs and more.

Your Blog

You can see from Launch & Hustle that running a blog is a super-important (and even essential) part of business. And it’s also great fun. But if you have a blog, then you understand just how much work (and time) goes into putting a blog post together and hitting publish. But actually, there are lots of tasks that you can outsource for your blog, like:

  • Editing blog posts when you’ve written them, including spelling and grammar errors
  • Creating graphics for your post, including a Pinterest-friendly image and other social media ones
  • Creating content upgrades
  • Scheduling promotion through social media channels

Chances are you’re already doing all these things for your posts already, right? I bet it adds at least an extra hour or two to your to-do list. But just think how much time you’d save if you outsourced those tasks.

Product Creation

Now this isn’t to suggest for someone to go ahead and create all your products for you. That’ll always be your job. But what we can suggest is that there are some things you’re doing that you could pass to other people to save you more time and help your business grow more efficiently:

    • Creating slides. If you create e-courses or host workshops, this is definitely a task that can be outsourced. You can put together an in-depth outline of what you want to be included in your slides for each section or each video. Then, you can get someone to design your slides and put the content you’ve written into those slides. So instead of doing everything, you’re simply creating the outline.
    • Editing content/videos. Unless you’re practically perfect in every way, you’ll more than likely have made mistakes when writing your content or recording your videos. You may even go completely blank at once point and zone out. So why not just hire someone to do all your editing for you?
    • Designing worksheets and booklets. This is so useful to pass over, especially if design isn’t your strong point. Hiring a designer as early as possible will make a huge, positive difference to your business.
    • Setting up your landing pages etc. Messing around with your website when you’re not a developer is a recipe for disaster (believe me). If you want to create a membership site, library catalogue or page where someone can buy your e-course, get someone else to set it up for you.
    • Writing sales copy. Why worry about doing this wrong when you can get someone to do it right.

In order to see growth in your business, you’ve got to invest in it. But I do understand that you’ll be at a completely different part of your journey to other business owners and it might be difficult to hire someone to do all of these things. It’s fine to start off slow, and it’s also probably better to start off doing these things yourself at first, so you know exactly what you want from the people you hire. Once you start automating and outsourcing, you can focus on the parts of running your business that you’re best at and love the most. That way, you’ll be putting your energy into the right things.

I also understand that this means spending money. But don’t think you’re never going to get anywhere just because you can’t hire all these people yet. Some entrepreneurs run their businesses for a good few years before they hire someone. You can do everything on your own and still see big results for your business. It’s better to get started with what you have and what you know and then pass that onto other people when you hire them. Remember it doesn’t matter about being perfect. It matters that you try.