increase twitter engagement and trafficTwitter is perhaps unique among all social media platforms in that it is most suited to mobile traffic. Indeed, it generates maximum revenue from mobile and tablet traffic. That apart, it has been growing at a phenomenal rate with close to 60 million tweets going out each day. If you are not already earnestly trying to get traffic via twitter, read the above-mentioned facts again. They are predictors of the future.

Here are some very easy ways to increase twitter engagement and traffic generation.

  1. Create compelling tweets. Now, that may read like a clichéd statement, but it does take some effort to fit in useful, intriguing, and informative content into 140 characters. The most successful tweeters are those who are informed and passionate about their subjects and let their personalities shine through.

  2. Use tweets as calls to action. Again, short and sweet calls to action followed by the relevant link work best. Write to pique interest without giving much away. People want to see what’s behind the curtain if your CTA is compelling and relevant to them.

  3. Look up tweeters that share your interests and tweet shareable content. The benefits are twofold; your content appears not only on other timelines but also on twitter feeds on their websites.

  4. Engage people to build an active and loyal following. Get to know people and get known yourself. Quality followers are worth far more than those added to build numbers.

  5. Throw in facts and figures. Along with videos and images, tweets with numbers to back an assertion catch attention, get retweeted and get you followers.

  6. Do not shy away from provocative tweets. If you have an opinion and you can back it, then say it. Nothing gets readers typing faster than what they perceive to be scandalous or blasphemous. It’s a great technique to get conversations started and hopefully make new friends. That being said, don’t become a flamethrower on twitter. I can’t stand those people and many others can’t either. Find a balance between provocative or controversial while remaining classy and professional.

  7. Reach out through retweets, direct messages, and replies to tweets. Be a selfless tweeter. Sharing content builds twitter karma and you’re repaid in kind. If your tweet attracts a reply, try to get a meaningful conversation going. It’s about community and dialog, not broadcasting.

  8. Hashtags make your tweets discoverable. You want your tweets to float above the rest and not get buried under a tsunami of other tweets. Hashtags make it easy for readers to find you and understand the context of your tweet.

  9. Place twitter sharing buttons on your website. Make it easy for your readers to spread the word on your behalf. Integrate twitter share buttons everywhere you can, in your emails, social media profiles, blog, virtual business cards, etc.

  10. Learn from successful tweeters. The art of engagement with your followers needs to be constantly practiced. The more you hone it the better you will become. Power tweeters, wannabes, information seekers, buyers, and leads are a part of every follower list. Each profile needs to be engaged in a different manner.

The cumulative effect of these traffic generating techniques is that traffic to your blog increases, it gets traffic from different sources originating from twitter, it boosts your clout on social media and can even improve your SEO through social signals. So get busy and start engaging today! Your rewards are waiting.

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