Rignite Review:

Social media has evolved into far more than just a platform for keeping in touch with friends. Businesses across all industries are now using social media to engage and grow their customer base. Deploying and managing social media campaigns are often easier said than done, however. Many businesses continue to struggle with the ability to manage their social media campaigns in an effective manner.

One tool that is revolutionizing social media for business and making it easier for businesses to manage social media is Rignite. With this software, businesses are able to convert their social media activity into measurable social marketing. Whether a business is l
ooking to grow its following, increase engagement, or win sales, Rignite makes it easier for businesses to meet their social marketing goals.

Rignite ReviewWith Rignite, businesses are able to:

  • Operate end-to-end social media campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Obtain campaign level reporting.
  • Monitor social media activity from a single dashboard.
  • Schedule social media posts.
  • Save time with team collaboration features.

Without the ability to achieve trackable results, a social media campaign is nothing more than a series of random posts with no direction. Rignite makes it possible to create focused social media campaigns with quantifiable results. For instance, businesses can drive sales using coupon campaigns or boost brand awareness with hashtag photos contests. Social media monitoring tools take the hassle out of tracking results by giving you the ability to monitor and respond to social media posts from one location for multiple accounts. Rignite will even let you customize streams using advanced filters.

If there is one area where many businesses often struggle when it comes to social media, it is analytics. Rignite makes it easy to measure the impact of social media campaigns in terms of accomplishing business goals by comparing social media campaigns to determine which promotions resonate the most with your target audience and activity reports are provided to give you greater insight into customer engagement. Want to know which type of content generates the most reactions and clicks? Rignite will tell you.

Studies show that the response time that consumers expect from companies following a social media contact is narrowing. In fact, one study revealed that 32 percent of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes after contacting a brand or company via social media, while 42 percent expect a response within an hour.

Rignite offers a robust suite of social collaboration tools to help businesses ensure they never drop the ball or miss engagement opportunities. For example, with Rignite a business can assign posts to specific team members to respond.

By providing a comprehensive solution for managing multiple social accounts, Rignite is making it easier to leverage the power of social media for boosting consumer engagement and sales.

With this all-in-one solution, businesses are able to accomplish more in less time. I know we do!

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