Don’t be Ignored by Women!

Blog 2 women at iPadWomen control $7.1 trillion in spending and purchase 85% of all products that enter U.S. households. 70% of new businesses are started by women, and the number of women-owned businesses increased by 68% between 1997 and 2014.

Does your brand need any more reasons to develop relationships with women?  Didn’t think so. But before developing relationships, your brand must connect with and engage women by participating directly in conversations with them and engaging in meaningful exchanges on social media.  Accomplish this in ways that increase your brand’s relevance and value in women’s eyes — or, you’ll be ignored.

Women are Different than Men

A woman’s brain is more interconnected than a man’s brain. That’s why women are so good at multi-tasking and men are so good at focusing. At any time during the day, a woman can simultaneously listen, read and watch, and retain bits and pieces of information from each of these sensory activities. Your brand is faced with the challenge of having her remember and act upon your content.

Connect with Women

Women are smart, capable, and multi-dimensional. Brands should strive to become relevant and interesting. To connect with women, your brand must develop a credible voice. This voice must be engaging, personal, humble, authentic and participatory.

Engage Women

The next step is to engage women, by presenting your brand in a way that’s contextual to women’s lives. Emphasize the positive and build women up. Empower them to accept who they are, celebrate their strengths and encourage them.

Here are 4 tips that will help your brand connect with women, engage them and build relationships with them.

1.  Be Entertaining

Create enjoyable content. Evoke emotions. Take women on an adventure, a thrill-ride or a mystery.  Make them laugh or cry. Building strong, emotional connections between your brand and women will drive their decision-making process and brand loyalty.

2.  Educate

Engaging women shouldn’t feel or sound like a sales pitch.  Provide information & advice that helps women feel connected to your brand.  This will lead to brand preference.

 3. Involve Her

Address women’s most pressing issues.  Numerous studies indicate the most important aspects of a woman’s life are:  family, home, friendships, career, business and life goals. Request input from women. True engagement encourages learning and brand embracement, which is essential for long-term relationship building.

4.  Encourage Conversations

Women have conversations to share information; establish connections; and nurture relationships. Women naturally gravitate towards brands that help them converse and connect with other women.

Women as Brand Ambassadors

Women are the most powerful brand ambassadors. Period. They share with their family and friends. They’re recommenders and seekers of recommendations. They’re storytellers and like to hear stories. Their Highest Personal Value is establishing and nurturing relationships. Want to build relationships with women? Entertain.  Educate. Involve her. Encourage conversations. It’s that simple!